Cedar Bark Poets

The “Cedar Bark Poets” group meets every second Saturday, 6-8pm in The Grove or nearby Newton Recreation Center depending on the weather. We are a small, 6-10 person group interested in exploring community voice through spoken word. Participants are welcome to share original poetry, read a favourite poem, or just come to listen.

Check out some of our recent publications:

Book 1: “Hope and Heartbreak”
Book 2: “Community and Forgiveness”
Book 3: “Hopes and Dreams”
Book 4: “Sustainability and Ecology”
Book 5: “Food and Gardens”
Book 6: “Books and Change”
Book 7: “Play and Imagination”
Book 8: “Magical and Mythical”
Book 9: “Animals and Beginnings”
Book 10: “Seasons and Challenges”
Book 11: “Bridges and Fire”
Book 12: “Childhood and Possibilities”
Book 13: “Clouds & Time”
Book 14: “Trees & Travel”
Book 15: “Bees & Backpacks”
Book 16: “Coffee & Cafes”
Book 17: “Words & May”
Book 18: “Changes & Scenery”
Book 19: “Dreams & Goals”
Book 20: “Resolution & Music”
Book 21: “Hands & Heart”
Book 22: “Bulbs & Beauty”
Book 23: “Muds & Conversation”
Book 24: “Oceans & Art”
Book 25: “Fall & Messages”

Each year the Cedar Bark Poets participate in the “30 Poems in 30 Days” challenge for National Poetry Writing Month. Click on the links below to see  poems from some of the years.

NaPoWriMo 2017

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Having fun, strengthening our neighbourhood, and hoping you'll join us!